Guess this Korean Celeb: Who is this BTS Member That Misplaced Over $5000 Worth of AirPods?

This is not a joke, and it occurred on one particular of the most well…

This is not a joke, and it occurred on one particular of the most well known Korean pop stars in the planet, BTS guide singer Kim Namjoon. 

Kim Namjoon, also known as RM in one particular of Korea’s most popular idol team BTS, had revealed an appealing point about him that the environment shockingly absorbed—especially in social media. This weekend, Namjoon admitted in a live-streamed Q&A with BTS lovers that he is someway now on his 34th established of AirPods.

What Transpired, Namjoon?

“Namjoon proudly owning and losing 34 pairs of AirPods?????? Sprinkling AirPods all more than the globe like a minor AirPod fairy???? Santa Joon. Apple store normal Namjoon,” explained taehyung’s perm [s/h] (@taehyungster) 

“…imagine strolling together han river and acquiring his airpods scattered around…. *sells them for $1000*” tweeted by Esu • エスエン (@Esu_N_)

If we will compute Namjoon’s expenditure on this Apple machine, a set of AirPod is equal to $160 with its whole bundle of charging scenario. If Namjoon missing 33 occasions of this $160 well worth of earphones, an approximated whole of $5,000 would be the amount of money he misplaced on Apple. This total can also acquire a brand name new Mac Pro—if he is fascinated in shopping for it soon on the company. 

The $5,000 quantity Namjoon shed in Apple, nonetheless, is not truly on its precise volume considering the fact that the BTS member did not specify on whether or not what he lost is the $250 new large-end styles of AirPods. This signifies that the quantity will have to be bigger than $5,000 if you needed to determine out the precise quantity Namjoon misplaced in the enterprise. 

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Namjoon discussed he misplaced the 33 pairs of AirPods—on an not known timeframe—maybe considering the fact that the group travels virtually just about every day of their lives throughout the world. Having said that, Namjoon appeared to be a man who generally loses his individual possessions, and his faithful enthusiasts all around the globe may possibly agree.

You can find even a Twitter account entirely made for his missing belongings current over the many years considering that he joined BTS. 

The ‘Namjoon’s Passport’ Twitter Account

Just like his personal pairs of AirPods, Namjoon seemed to shed his passport so many instances that the Twitterverse is building it a operating joke for most lovers. Still, according to Celebrity Internet Value, Namjoon’s model is valued at $8 million early this calendar year, perhaps that’s why he is okay in shedding some bucks on buying new AirPods.