Equipment Eye Evaluation: The Greatest Equipment Tracking Alternative?

Have you read about the gear monitoring remedy, Equipment Eye? It was to begin with…

Have you read about the gear monitoring remedy, Equipment Eye?

It was to begin with launched into the marketplace as a crowdfunding campaign in 2015 or so. And now, that item has at last formally been released!

For today’s GearEye review, we’re likely to choose a closer look at what this solution can do for you! We hope that, by the finish, we would have assisted you establish whether or not Gear Eye is a thing that you want to obtain into or some thing that you want to move on:

In no way Lose a Piece of Equipment Yet again

Gear Tracking from Jeff Hopper

Gear Monitoring from Jeff Hopper

GearEye’s tagline is ‘Never Shed a Piece of Gear Yet again!’

Back again when it had just been a crowdfunding campaign, numerous of those whose experienced job essential them to travel with important products backed the product’s launch.

And why wouldn’t they? Who wishes to have to carry on changing products that they require for function — vital devices that, far more possible than not, are exceptionally costly to change?

In any case, GearEye supplied itself up as a answer for this difficulty. But, what have they performed to truly execute this? That’s what we’ll be chatting about upcoming:

The Generation of The Supreme Clever Gear Administration Program!

Gear Management System - GearEye!

Gear Administration System – GearEye!

In accordance to the CEO of Gear Eye, Julia Lerner, GearEye went as a result of numerous phases. This is most likely most evident to the initial backers of the GearEye crowdfunding campaigns, who may possibly don’t forget that there experienced been original designs for a smartphone case that would do the job equally to the GearEye dongle that they ultimately finished up deciding upon not to develop.

But, primarily based on an job interview that Julia Lerner experienced produced concerning GearEye’s manufacturing system, there ended up lots of other details that they experienced to look at meticulously to actually make GearEye the best equipment tracking solution that it is today. These contain:

The GearEye Dongle

GearEye Dongle / Scanner!

GearEye Dongle / Scanner!

The GearEye Dongle is the compact RFID scanner that is provided with the GearEye package (whilst you can also buy it separately!)

This product was created to healthy comfortably in the palm of your hand and would not be bothersome to carry together even if you’re only carrying the smallest messenger bag that you have.

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Just to make it perfectly clear, the dongle serves as the focal point for all your equipment. This is what you will have to have to use in get to look for for missing merchandise afterwards — it will operate in conjunction with the app to figure out how near or how significantly you are to a offered item!

How Does GearEye Hold Monitor of All Your Products?

GearEye tracks objects with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology.

If you want specific specifics, according to the GearEye FAQs website page, they use diverse types dependent on your distinct country’s laws. These kinds are EPC Gen 2 and UHF 860-950 MHz band (ISO 18000-6C).

How to Use the GearEye Dongle?

The GearEye dongle shines the most when you’re tracking products below the “Locate” method. As you can guess from the title, this is the manner that will let you to keep track of shed do the job devices — with the dongle totally earning use of RFID know-how to appear for the merchandise that you’ve tagged with GearEye’s very affordable RFID GearTags.

The GearEye RFID Tags

GearEye - RFID Tags!

GearEye – RFID Tags!

Next, let’s converse about the RFID tags that act as monitoring equipment for all of your critical equipment. These RFID tags are potentially greater described as RFID stickers — they are slender and are effortlessly hooked up to all of your pricey equipment.

Each individual of these tags will come equipped with RFID technology and will provide as the focal point for the dongle to start working — permitting you to simply track these unique objects with out fear!

How to Use the GearTags?

This section is pretty easy! As a ‘sticker’, all you have to have to do to use these GearTags is to remove the protective film away from the tag in buy to adhere it on to the surface area of your equipment.

Every single tag was established with the optimum excellent adhesive. GearEye has designed guaranteed to look at the type of material that your gear may possibly arrive in as very well. This is why they made both standard tags that occur with a powerful adhesive that will work with most materials (i.e., not on steel products) and metal tags that were developed to stick to steel objects!

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GearEye also presents their tags in several measurements so that you will not have to stress about using awkwardly big or small stickers on your gear!

Why RFID Tags and Not Bluetooth Tags?

According to the CEO of GearEye, Julia Lerner, they made a decision to opt for RFID stickers about the a lot more generally utilized BLE Tags (Bluetooth Tags) that most other trackers use since of several causes:

  • RFID tags have a small and slender profile — which is a lot easier to connect to smaller things.
  • RFID technology is also far more accurate in comparison, allowing for you to pinpoint the place of an merchandise devoid of problems.
  • GearEye’s tags are also RFID UHF stickers, which signify that they are battery-totally free and will previous forever — necessitating no substitution.
  • The earlier actuality and the simple fact that RFID tags are also significantly more affordable — with the rate change currently being any where from $.10 for each individual RFID sticker and $20-30 each and every for BLE tags — have been also thoroughly taken into account.

In conclusion, the rationale why GearEye chose RFID over BLE tags is that they are low price (for every merchandise), have lasting electric power, and are normally just additional practical — making it possible for you to continue to keep a really impressive selection of gear risk-free devoid of worry.

The GearEye App!

GearEye - Starter & Pro Kit!

GearEye – Starter & Pro Package!

The very last aspect that we have to discuss about is the GearEye app. This is the mind of the overall operation, generating it, actually, the fantastic remedy for on-the-go pros that are constantly losing equipment!

As an essential observe: this application will function on both IOS and Android equipment, so that is not a little something that you have to worry about!

How Does the GearEye Application Work?

We reviewed this somewhat before when we were being describing the “Locate” manner while we were being chatting about the dongle, but that is in fact just the commencing of what this application is capable of!

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To be perfectly distinct, there are 3 modes that you can use:

Scan Method

In scan mode, holding monitor of the equipment that you have introduced for today’s studio session or are preparing for subsequent week’s seaside shoot has under no circumstances been easier!

It normally takes only a simple faucet for you to scan for all the devices that you want for a given gig. GearEye will scan the encompassing space for all your things and mark the ones that are not close to with an “X” (of program, to make this easier, you also have the choice of producing personalized lists with gig-unique groups of equipment essential for specified work!)

Keep track of Manner

Keep track of manner is ideal for a serial entrepreneur that is pretty much usually on the transfer. All you have to do is give GearEye authorization to operate in the qualifications to make this method function! 

Immediately after which, it will start out to automatically monitor your gear — and, on the event where you go away some thing at the rear of, the application will notify you of it quickly, permitting you to commence your research for the product just before you can get also much.

Track down Method

We have previously described this previously, so we’ll spare you the information. But, with this method, you can make use of your phone’s good sensors (which will boost GearEye’s scanning precision) in get to locate misplaced things!

The Ideal Finish Equipment Management Alternative? | Not Just a Basic safety Internet!

So, what do you think? We individually expressed a whole lot of good remarks in this report and we do critically think about GearEye to be really the video game-changer, but your feeling on this products is solely up to you!

All we can say is that we like the reality that it is a minimal-price remedy (with the retail selling price for the package with several tags incorporated much reduce than most competition.) We also like the point that GearEye looks to have cautiously deemed many of the aspects during the entirety of their merchandise enhancement system. And, at last, we imagine that, no matter what type of do the job you do, you might be ready to find use for it in the conclusion!