Android Hacks: How to Show/Hide Notifications on Lock Screen

As per an online story by The Verge, the lock screen of Android smartphones shows various…

As per an online story by The Verge, the lock screen of Android smartphones shows various notifications from apps installed on your device without the need to unlock it, which could be useful in many ways.

Not to mention that users of the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro need to see their notifications without having to unlock their devices. It comes as some users are still experiencing issues with the fingerprint sensors of their Pixel phones.

Android Notifications on Lock Screen

Thankfully, the lock screen of Android phones could either show or hide notifications. On top of that, its users could even choose which apps make it. It is handy for those who still want to keep their privacy while opting for convenience.

To cut to the chase, here’s how to enable all notifications to show up on the lock screen of your Android device. Once it is turned on, you’ll no longer have to unlock your smartphone to read all of the incoming alerts from various apps.

However, according to the support page of Google, some phone manufacturers might change the steps to enable lock screen notification, suggesting its users contact the makers of their phone brand.

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The guide above only allows users to show all of the notifications from the apps installed on their smartphones.

On the other hand, the steps below let Android users choose which apps will be showing their alerts on the lock screen, giving them a choice of the apps that they wish to exclude.

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